About us







Carlos has been obsessed with aviation since birth! He's never been on a flight without at least one visit to the cockpit. Currently working hard on getting his pilot's license, he is the founder of our programme and is the driving force of what we create each week.

Matt is well known for being a nervous flyer but thanks to our amazing podcast community, he can now get on a plane without having a nervous breakdown. What he doesn't know about aviation, he more than makes up for as the brains behind getting on air LIVE every single week.

Nev often flies all around the world as part of his day job (ideally in seat 1A if he can) and is BA's biggest fan. He's worked in the broadcast industry for over 40 years now and this huge experience really does bring what's needed to everything from our outside broadcasts to high profile interviews. 



Armando is the newest member of our team and has served in the US Military for over 20 years. He's flown everything from heavy cargo and airlift airframes to small general aviation aircraft. He's here to make sure we give the 'grey stuff' the accuracy and coverage it deserves.