Meet The Team


Matt joined the show in November 2014, used to work in radio so is very 'at home' behind the mic and is our Executive Producer; he now co-hosts our weekly output. He is a Coach Driver by trade so spends most of his time driving around these fine shores - Airports being his most favourite to end up.

Whilst he still has much to learn about aviation, Matt sees his role ensuring that any jargon is explained to make sure the show remains accessible to all. His knowledge of all things technical have proven to be very useful when things have gone wrong ensuring the show gets on air - no matter where we're recording it from!

"Living the Dream!"


Nev lives in a small village in Buckinghamshire and has been interested in civil aviation from a very young age; one of his most memorable experiences was to fly on Concorde around the Bay of Biscay. This remains his favourite aircraft by a long way! He is a big British Airways fan but regularly takes a considerable amount of stick from those who think that BA have come up short in recent years. For his day job, he works for Feltech and they are a broadcast and audio-visual system integrator based in Hertfordshire. Nev has spent over 40 years in the Broadcast and AV world as an engineer, sales consultant and now as a Director of Feltech.

The long-suffering Mrs Nev continues to put up with his penchant for purchasing vast amounts of professional audio gear for his studio but omitting to tell her how much it has all cost.

He has two grown up children who are 31 and 27 and live close by.

Pilot Pip

Pip is a commercial airline pilot based in the UK and host of the Plane Safety Podcast. He presents the 'Safety from the Flightdeck' segment and is a regular contributor to the show.

Pip's interest in aviation started from a young age. He first learnt to fly as a teenager with the Air Cadets and learnt his craft first on gliders. After flying training with the RAF University Air Squadron whilst studying for a degree in Biology, he pursued a career in civil aviation. Gaining his Commercial Pilots license in 2003, he spent several years flying with an aerial survey and mapping company.  In 2007 he joined 'SafeJet Airlines' where he currently works, flying passengers across Europe, Russia, Middle East and North Africa. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and 2 young kids"


Carlos is the man behind this project and appears on the show every week. As a child, Carlos was lucky enough to be able to do a lot of travelling and so his love of all things aviation was born. He has a very understanding, long suffering wife Gemma who has grown to accept that most holidays will usually involve losing her husband at the airport whilst he goes off plane spotting! His favourite aircraft is the Lockheed L1011 Tristar and was lucky enough to fly on one when he was younger. He has recently commenced the long road to obtaining his own pilot license and regular updates on this can be heard during our weekly show.

Carlos also runs his own Mobile Disco and is usually spinning those discs (or mp3's nowadays) every weekend.

"He just loves to fly!"